PLANWORX strengthens corporate management

The more experts, the more future-proof

That’s what the two PLANWORX agency board members Chris Boehm-Tettelbach and Christian Münch thought and decided to strengthen the company’s management with long-time senior project managers Nik Benner and Tobias Münch.


Tobias Münch has been pulling the strings for PLANWORX at XXL events between Shanghai and Dubai, Tokyo and Munich since 2005. In close cooperation with Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, he will increasingly take care of PLANWORX’s financial matters.

Nik Benner will work alongside Christian Münch on the future strategy and corporate development of the agency, of which he has been a staff member since 2011. In addition to his event projects, which he will continue to manage, he will increasingly focus on the areas of acquisition, new customer business and quality assurance in sparring with Christian Münch.