PLANWORX signs Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter is an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the patronage of chancellor Olaf Scholz. Participating companies are visibly committed to an appreciative and unprejudiced working environment.

By signing the Diversity Charter, we as an agency for live marketing commit to a clear sign of diversity and tolerance in the world of work. We clearly state that all colleagues are welcome and valued here, regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social background.

“We see how our working world is changing every day,” says Nik Benner, Managing Director of PLANWORX AG since 2022.

“As an event agency, we thrive on togetherness, curiosity about others and the desire to make the world a better place for everyone with fresh ideas. Our commitment to diversity strengthens us for social and economic changes such as globalization, demographic change and declining employment figures.”

By signing the Diversity Charter, we are committed to recognizing and respecting the diversity of society and its needs within and outside the organization. Diversity management is a cross-cutting issue. The idea behind it: An organizational culture in which diversity is lived as a matter of course means that all employees can make the best possible use of their potential. It also promotes the diversity of ideas or products that the organization stands for.

This means that PLANWORX is now one of more than 5,000 corporations, companies, public institutions, clubs, foundations and associations with over 15 million employees that have now signed the Diversity Charter.

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