We are the impetus for sustainability

As a key player in German live marketing, PLANWORX operates in a resource- and energy-intensive sector. Productions, logistics, and travel activities of team, customers and guests cause large amounts of waste, CO2 and energy demand. At the same time, digitization and technology change offer effective opportunities to make travel, production, and entire events more environmentally friendly – or to do without them altogether. Because: PLANWORX strives to become the most sustainable agency in Germany!

PX Guidelines

  • Climate change requires immediate adaptation of our thinking and actions, as well as transformative action.
  • We are the impetus to rethink and create sustainable experiences.
  • Internally and externally, we enable sustainable economic activity while striving to act ecologically compatible and socially responsible.
  • We set a positive example and influence our customers, service providers, partners, and competitors.
  • Sustainability and environmental compatibility are incorporated into strategic and conceptual decisions for all project pitches and event planning measures.

PX Measures

  • PX environmental team: Board member Christian Münch & five colleagues evaluate the sustainability of projects as trained auditors according to ISO 20121.
  • Since the end of 2021, PX has been saving resources by using a small office in a coworking space.
  • PX supports the “fairpflichtet” sustainability code in the event industry.
  • PX has been CO2 neutral since 2018 through payments to Plant-for-the-Planet.
  • PX donates remaining event catering to charitable projects.


  • Scalable and modular audit, consulting, and research services for implementing sustainable events.
  • Independently bookable evaluation and consulting for events implemented by other agencies.
  • Recommendations for sustainably operating suppliers, logistics and service providers, hospitality companies, mobility providers, etc.

Package 1

Consulting service only

If you would like to organize your event according to the guidelines of the ISO 20121 standard, we will advise you or your agency within the framework of up to four appointments. In the process, you will learn what you need to consider during conception and planning, receive the appropriate checklists from us, and be prepared for the corresponding AUDIT.

Package 2

Audit only

You are already familiar with the requirements of the ISO 20121 standard? Have PLANWORX check and confirm your compliance with the standard, e.g. to secure better marketing opportunities for the event.

Package 3

Consulting service & audit

You would like to conduct an event according to ISO 20121 and have the conformity confirmed by the PLANWORX auditor?
We advise you or your agency in the course of up to six appointments, prepare you for the audit with the help of templates and checklists, and also carry it out after the event has been completed. You will receive a confirmation of the standard in order to use it for advertising purposes, for example.


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