Digital Escape Rooms as Edutainment – an Analysis

Do you have what it takes?

A little over three years ago, the world suddenly stood still. Tests instead of conferences, masks instead of meetings, Corona instead of clubbing – life and with it the event industry was paralyzed.

The great hour of hastily set-up digital events arrived, and PLANWORX was able to adapt to it quickly thanks to its IT, which had already been converted to flexible, paperless working in 2016.

Already in May 2020, we implemented the first digital XXL Escape Room for the @Microsoft Company Meeting with over 80 groups and around 1500 participants – with a great positive response in social media. Dozens of Escape Rooms later, it’s now time to draw a conclusion and it’s: it’s complicated.

And here are the learnings:

Well-prepared learning content is the be-all and end-all

It’s not done with cutting endless training documents and turning them into hours-long puzzles. You have to focus on a few essential takeaways.

Sufficient lead time

Allow enough lead time in the planning and for the selection of the right content!

It must be fun

Fart Dryn content merely concealing it with colorful pictures is not effective. Maybe think around the corner?

What is the goal of the Escape Room?

Is the primary goal is the imparting of training content, it is imperative that the solutionsweg in the thematic reference tom content.

What is there to win?

Decision-makers also want to be rewarded. Not for nothing is the gaming industry with its high scores, reward jingles, Rewards and medals a billion-dollar business. So give me the stars, Whereo-hoos, rankings and trophies – even in a business context! Nevertheless, consider: Bonus points and rankings motivate participants, the Escape Room as quickly as possible cope. Care must be taken to ensure that in the process the Conveying content does not lose focus.

Know your target group

Some professions go down to the basement for a laugh – or they’re out of fun due to the volatile industry situation. Then you should refrain from an Escape Room. The audience might not feel taken seriously.

Find A good balance

The tasks should be able to be solved in a reasonable amount of time, even by Escape Room novices, without making the solution too obvious. If it takes several team members to do this – all the better!

It takes a master

Success stands and falls with the group leaders/game masters. Therefore check beforehand: Which technical expertise do the group leaders have? Afterwards it is decided whether Multiple Choice Quizzes or 3DAnimationen be used. Always important: the Group Leader should be motivated be hintr the training format stand and their Lead groups can!

Quick and dirty

Even the most beautiful and most lovingly built digital Escape Room should be played through after a maximum of two hours.

Test. Test. Test.

If the system does not run, the fun is in the bucket.

If all this has been taken into account, if you are in the mood for interactive edutainment of a different kind and if you don’t have to announce the dismissal of large parts of your staff, then nothing stands in the way of using instructive digital Escape Rooms for training and teambuilding purposes.

PLANWORX is ready and looking forward to sparring ideas with you!