Gamification. All just a game?

Buzzword Gamification. A broad term. But equally versatile. Whether it’s the digitization of complex processes, the transfer of knowledge or the marketing of a product – “video games” are proving to be an effective tool. At first glance, it sounds paradoxical to use “games” to train surgeons, teach students or convince potential customers. The fact is: the success of the medium cannot be denied. This is primarily due to two exclusive advantages that video games offer over a book, didactic text, or simple movie content – immersion and reward.

The former refers to the ability to immerse oneself in a fictional context. In a video game, this is the epic fantasy world that captures players with its action scenarios not bound by physical laws. So-called “serious games”, on the other hand, allow real-life scenarios to be implemented in a virtual environment.

Let’s take the example of the surgeon in training. A mistake in a real surgical case results in drastic consequences. Nevertheless, the experience and expertise must be acquired practically. Thanks to technical innovations, it is now possible to implement operations in virtual reality. And this application is actively used thousands of times a day all over the world.

Reward – the release of endorphins after successful completion – has been an integral part of the game’s mechanics since the medium’s infancy. Graphically nicely presented scores, satisfying sound effects, high score lists and level systems may sound nonsensical in a serious context, but their psychological effect has long been scientifically proven. Coupling this positive experience with a brand makes it easy to achieve the desired effect of brand recognition. If the combination with immersion and skilful storytelling is successful, brand and emotion can be inseparably linked.

The possibilities of gamification are numerous, but require a high degree of sensitivity. At PLANWORX I support the team with my expertise in Game Design, Narrative Design and Game Engineering. At our side is a strong partner network of game developers. They allow us to implement such projects quickly with the help of experienced developers who specialize in this niche of gamification.

I’m looking forward to setting impulses in this budding field, and testing out which worlds can be conquered with the help of gamification in experiential marketing Especially in times of social distancing, there is hardly a more suitable way to address the audience individually, convey content, and create shared experiences despite physical distance.