Audi x OMR

Audi presents itself at OMR as a visionary driver and pioneer of fresh digital concepts and ideas. At the hot Hamburg digital conference, PLANWORX designs a striking trade fair stand and a visionary immersive 360° experience with kinetic elements for Audi. Under the title “Step into your sphere,” visitors will experience first-hand how the four rings are shaping the driving experience of the future. Following the example of the brand’s concept cars, a “Personal Sphere” is being created, an individual space to feel and experience, with the approach of focusing on people and their experiences.

In the integrated “Club of Progress,” visitors to the trade fair, which was very well attended with over 70,000 participants, will experience inspiring panel talks with founders and Audi experts on the core topics of design, performance, digital and sustainability.

As a creative agency, PX holds all the creative threads in its hands, from the initial idea to design, trade management, communications support and talent management. All activities are designed for awareness, interaction and social media content and attract a lot of attention from content creators and trade show visitors.